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6th Sep 2020

Relaunching Nathan OUTloud

Nathan OUTloud originally launched in 2009 and over the course of three years, I released 15 episodes. And now, Nathan OUTloud is coming back and season two will be launching soon.

When I first started the show, my intention was to provide a forum for members of the LGBTQ+ community and our allies to tell our stories. Our stories are incredibly important for two reasons. First, growing up as a gay kid in a Mormon family in Utah, I didn’t hear or see stories that resembled my experience. I knew that I was different than the other kids, I just didn’t know how or why. That isolation and uncertainty caused a lot of pain and loneliness. If by doing Nathan OUTloud, there is even one person who hears a story that they can relate to and it makes them feel less different or alone, Nathan OUTloud will achieve the purpose that led me to start the show.

Secondly, I wanted our stories to reach those who might not know a member of the LGBTQ+ community personally, or at least don’t know that they know someone who is a member of our community, as well as those who have bigoted, homophobic, or transphobic views or beliefs. I hope that our stories might touch their hearts and hopefully change their minds. It is undeniable that people who have personal relationships with somebody who is LGBTQ+, are more accepting, loving, and likely to become allies of our community.

In addition to telling our stories, I wanted to challenge listeners to get involved in moving our community forward, whether that be through political action and activism, or by feeling more comfortable to share their story and to live authentically and visibly as a member of the LGBTQ+ family, including our allies.

Finally, as a huge fan of music and the arts, I wanted to provide an opportunity for LGBTQ+ authors, artists, and musicians to share their talents and for listeners to be introduced to music, books, or films by members of our community. We all know that visibility and representation in all forms of media has a lasting positive impact on the lives of all LGBTQ+ people.

I hope you will join me for Season 2 of Nathan OUTloud, by subscribing to the show on your favorite podcast platform and by following the show on twitter at nathanoutloud and on Facebook at

If you would like to share your story, have a show idea, or if you are a musician and would like to have a song featured on an episode of Nathan OUTloud, call or text the Nathan OUTloud listener line at (802) 32-Be-Out, that is (802) 322-3688, you can also email, or send me a message on social media.

Thank you so much for listening and until next time, remember, Come OUT, Be OUT, Live OUTloud.

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